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Store risks and actions so they can be shared and responded to.

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Make risk reporting easy and ensure your risk profile is managed correctly with ReportHub – RiskMach’s powerful risk management platform where you can create bespoke risk reports, share them with unlimited collaborators and respond to them in real-time. Featuring both online and offline functionality integrated into the app, ReportHub allows you to view and edit your risk management reports from any device at any time, giving you full visibility and control of the risk management progress.

Your All-In-One Risk Reporting Tool

ReportHub is the most powerful risk management platform we have ever produced and benefits from constant support and updates to improve its functionality even further. Here you can access all your reports in real-time for instant visibility of outstanding, completed and overdue actions. Because what is the point in having a top-quality risk assessment if nobody can see it?

Online & Offline Access

You can not only access your risk reports via a PC web browser but you can also enjoy offline access too using the App.

Downloadable Reports

Get PDF downloads and Excel output for all reports of your risk management activities stored in ReportHub.

Unlimited collaboration

Risk reports can be shared with and edited by unlimited users, making this a perfect solution for both large & small enterprises.

Be in control of risk management

Enjoy the power to review, approve or reject all risk activities via one single platform and take control of your entire risk management process.

2 stage Response

Each response begins with a submission of evidence. A second person is then prompted to review and approve (or reject adding notes to explain why).

A common way to manage different formats

Risk estimations and assessments can be done in different formats for different applications and all are compared and prioritised into bands to help focus on what matters.

Better communication

A centralised platform where you can assign issues to the relevant people to respond and review evidence of actions taken or to revise controls.

More detailed reports than ever

Facilitate a stronger compliance profile by adding photos, annotations and files to every hazard and control through the platform.

Visualise your risk data

Smart, visual reporting of all your risk management data via statistics, graphs and charts, as well as a filter and integration with Core for bespoke reports.

Safe storage for all your data

Hosting 100% auditable history of your risk management activities in our secure Cloud-based risk reporting platform powered by amazon web services and certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

RiskMach for Large Enterprises

If you work in a large team or a multi-site company with many contributors then the teams and permissions management allows you to split out the responsibilities so that your team receive regular email updates for risk assessments that matter making sure that you are never caught unaware by a risk assessment that slipped through the cracks again.

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Facilitate a Better Safety Culture

A key part of safety culture is communication and transparency. ReportHub allows you to share access with as many team members as required, so everyone can access the information they need. By sharing only with those to whom it is relevant you avoid your team being blinded by an overload of information that is not relevant to them.

Report Administrators

Allow multiple administrators to control access to your reports. This speeds up the reporting process and allows for collaborative working.

Share with Contractors

If you are using external engineering contractors to complete the work then assign the relevant risks directly to them to collect their responses ready to review.


We don’t want to replace teams... but isn't it better to have a chat and makes comments in context to the issue? We have provided an integrated real-time contextual chat tool for more natural communication.

PDF Generation and Download

Sophisticated sharing tools allow for PDF document generation and download allowing you to print your reports in an instance.

Unlimited Report Shares

Report administrators can share reports with as many people as they like and set their permissions to control how they interact with them.

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