We have two RiskMach add-ons for you to consider




Increase your tokens for data storage and transactions with an expansion of data usage. The standard top-up.



Unlimited tokens for data storage and transactions. Recommended for large companies with high data requirements.

Need an upgrade? You’re in the right place.

How does RiskMach Data work?

Step one, sign up for RiskMach and have a user account created.

Step two, discover and purchase the data package appropriate to your assessment needs.


Step three, use your data to interact with data held by us on your behalf and purchase data upgrades if required.



RiskMach runs on data. Users store their data on our platform which allows them to interact with their data wherever they are, whenever they want to. Data of course is a measurement of the size, or complexity of a record or file that we store on your behalf within RiskMach or one of its subsidiary modules.Your user accounts will have data allowances which is then deducted from when data transactions occur. These processes can take place either on the App or via the browser based system. Each account shows you their individual data usage.As standard, all our users receive generous data token allowance which can easily accommodate small to medium sized business, making it unlikely you will need any additional data allowance.

Organise the chaos of Design Risk Assessment

Thanks to our comprehensive system, the three key parts of the Design Risk Assessment: information gathering, risk analysis and risk evaluation can be organised and kept track of as new information comes to light. 

Facilitate collaboration

RiskMach is a common platform where multiple people with various levels of technical knowledge can contribute to the Design Risk Assessment stage of product self-certification, ensuring that all potential risks have been addressed. 

Build a flawless technical file

Never miss an important document in your technical file! With our easy-to-use platform, everyone involved in the CE process will be able to request and share documents to compile all the information needed to complete the technical file that goes with your UKCA or CE certification. 

Keep records safe for at least 10 years

RiskVault allows you to store safely all the information in your product’s technical file, as well as the Declaration of Conformity for at least a decade. This way you can be sure to have all necessary documentation at hand if the relevant authorities come looking for it. 

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