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Machine Risk Assessment Software Meets The Cloud

Discover the power of RiskMach

to make your inspections, audits and risk assessments an organised, simple and efficient process.

Some Amazing Features

  • Innovation The first purpose built platform for managing PUWER inspections, risk assessments and all resulting documentation in a single location.
  • Collaboration Inspections and assessments can be accessed by whoever you like allowing for powerful collaborative working methods. No more printing of reports.
  • On Demand RiskMach can be accessed on any web browser. Get the information that you need, when you need it. No more waiting around for paperwork.

Machine Risk Assessment Software

Available online now.

The future is now. Our machine asset management web app will take your safety inspections to the next level of efficiency.

No more printing 500 page PDF reports, no more massive administrative burden. RiskMach provides an open platform for all stake holders in machinery safety to record and action their risk assessments.

RiskMach Tablet

    Manage your statutory inspections list by assets. Add new, move or edit as needed.

    Plan your statutory inspections and risk assessment reviews.

    Manage your risk assessments by type and level to prioritise your actions.

    Determine your priorities and apply using the low/medium/high banding criteria.

    Generate high quality PDF risk reports which include a high/medium/low banding tool for simplicity.

    All risk assessments are captured in a full document control system enabling accountability.

Available online

We have made RiskMach available online for access anytime, anywhere.

The key to connectivity is working offline. Eh? It's simple, you don't want connectivity issues to stop you from working and neither do we. So, we have built powerful applications to help you work seamlessly. Work without a connection, then sync data when you do.

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