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RiskMach was first conceived by Warren Spiers back in 2011. As an expert in Industrial Machine Safety, PUWER inspection and CE marking Warren could see that his clients in the manufacturing sectors of food, pharma, process and wider manufacturing, were struggling to assimilate the information delivered through the professional compliance services he provided.

It wasn't only Warren and his clients who had this problem. Across the board professional compliance service providers were creating administrative load for the clients. Worse still, there was very little standardisation between disciplines and different providers so changing supplier meant a whole new tidal wave of effort was needed to assimilate this new information in to a form that the client could manage.

As clients assimilate the reports this would often mean a degradation of value of the report. A degree of cherry-picking would occur. In some cases this would be due to a conscious decision to focus on one area of risk as opposed to another. However, unconscious bias and a lack of understanding also played its part. The person 'sifting' the report had good understanding of the operations and can add value but they would rarely have the same competency as the professional service provider. This meant that some issues/actions may be poorly simplified giving unintended results.

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RiskMach app, risk scoring matrix

This information/reports were Warren's product and any problems the client has getting value out of his product was bad for business on all sides. There was duplication of records and excessive administrative effort all through the client's organisation as they struggled to digest the high number on defects and risk assessments that PUWER inspections typically created. Some clients were completely paralysed by the arrival of these reports and no improvement action was taken at all. Something had to change if outcomes were to improve.

Warren continued with provision of compliance services but in parallel a plan was devised and resource put to it. After one or two false starts we found our feet and RiskMach was born. RiskMach delivered its first reports to clients in 2014. Many challenges lay ahead as clients expectations evolved. Some clients were not ready for a platform like RiskMach so ways were developed to give choice to the clients on delivery of the report as to how they wish to go forward. For other clients things have moved on with new features and user experience improvements being implemented weekly. The pace of attitudes change has accelerated since 2014 at a rapid pace with social restrictions due to Corona virus making it all the more important to minimise head count and use technology to facilitate communication and sharing. RiskMach continues to develop into new areas and modules that form a part of the client's compliance strategy.

RiskMach is now a well developed platform that supports the completion of compliance activities (inspections, audits and risk assessments), by external service providers or the client's own staff. The activities and reports can be scheduled, completed, responded to and assigned around a powerful asset management Core. Various reports are available with new ones being added regularly. Emails and alerts keep users informed and engaged so your reports don't end up 'on the dusty shelf'.

Our clients have more compliance needs that RiskMach is committed to filling. We have new modules in the pipeline for maintenance management, contractor control, training delivery and more.

RiskMach and the team hope you find a way that your business can join us as we move in to a low admin burden future for compliance.

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By Engineers For Engineers

RiskMach was originally developed for PUWER inspections. Professional inspectors from engineering backgrounds needed a way to complete inspections quickly and produce a high quality report for the client. This was never the limit of RiskMach's strategy but it was an hugely important milestone on the way to it. After many versions and updates we can now say that RiskMach is the best tool for PUWER inspection by a long way. The app is simple, powerful and packed with features for speeding the job along when you have a lot of inspections to do.

Our Mission

Easy to use

Simple pricing

Low price options for SMEs

Free Support

Worldwide coverage


Offline working capabilities to practitioners

Priority to the practioner so information can be captured directly in to RiskMach without copy/paste approach

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Soon, printing pages upon pages of documents will be outdated. The world is already slowly turning towards being as green as possible, especially within business environments. You shouldn't be limiting the inspection reports handed to you to stacks of paper, paper can be misplaced and damaged, susceptible to human error. RiskMach however, is not. Fed up of wasting time searching for one piece of documentation amongst others of its kind? RiskMach has your back. If you are an efficient company, there is a much higher chance you will be a profitable one.

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Why RiskMach is the future

RiskMach has been designed to eliminate any and all issues that are paired with paper-based Risk Assessment systems. Say goodbye to wasted storage space or unnecessary administration overheads, say hello to a sleeker, more efficient version of your business thanks to RiskMach.

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