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Make the most of the RiskMach PUWER compliance and certification software and get better value for your money with our selection of software support packages. With unlimited technical support, and a choice of expert training and on-site visits by our network of agents including experienced safety engineers, these bundles are designed to boost your in-house capacity and give you and your team the tools you need to achieve your risk management goals.

From £1500 per year

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Explore our selection of packages below and find the one that suits your company goals best. See more than one bundle you like? You can choose to combine two or more packages for the best results. We are flexible and we are willing to adapt our deals to offer the optimal support to your business.

PUWER Training and Software Package

 £1500 / Year / Person

Carrying out inspections and machine risk assessments in-house? The PUWER Training and Software Package offers an essential mix of training, support and software solutions to help you build up your internal competences and benefit from having safety experts by your side. Here’s what you get:



Unlimited Remote Technical Software Support


Free Cancellation at Any Time

PUWER Support Package

 £2000 / year

Getting started with PUWER compliance? Have your PUWER compliance strategy crafted for you by a team of engineering safety experts and get up to 16 hours of support online or in person to help you with your PUWER inspections. This all comes in a handy bundle with the powerful RiskMach software and unlimited technical support to ensure you get the most out of its functionality. 

Certification Support Package

£2000 / Year

Facilitate engineering change and organise the chaos of design risk assessment with the help of the RiskMach Certification Package, designed to suit businesses of any size that are involved with the design and specification of new machines and the modification and integration of existing machinery. RiskMach provides a way of working to  help you reach the safety requirements of CE/UKCA certification by offering a combination of:



12 Hours of Remote Support

RiskMach Certification Software

including the Design Risk Assessment and Specification of Control Systems


Unlimited Remote Technical Software Support

“No Plan Survives First Contact. You should stay agile in the early stages of  implementation and react to opportunities and challenges as they present. A package gives you that chance early doors”

RiskMach Packages Comparison Table

Feature Service

PUWER support Package

Certification Support Package

Training and Software Package

(per person)

£2000/year £2000/year £1500/year/contributing user
2 days (or 16 hours) of expert support onsite or remote
12 hours of expert remote support
Implementation of the PUWER compliance procedure
Access to up to 3 days of training per year including the flagship Certified PUWER Assessor (CPATM)Qualification 
RiskMach ReportHub License with unlimited data/users and remote technical support
RiskMach Certification License with unlimited data/users and remote technical support
RiskMach Compliance for inhouse audits and inspection (limited to 500 risk records)
FREE Cancellation at any time 

Who Are Our Agents?


An agent is an external compliance activity service provider used by our client to complete analysis, risk estimation and evaluation on their behalf. You can engage an agent independently or you can source a safety specialist through RiskMach. 

With RiskMach, you have access to a wide network of agents who are competent in a range of compliance and risk analysis activities. We work with experts in machinery safety including (but not limited to): 

  • PUWER inspectors 
  • Pressure Systems inspectors
  • LOLER inspectors
  • LEV Inspector
  • Structural Analysis
  • DSEAR, ATEX and COSHH Specialist
  • Electrical Engineering Calculations
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Sound and vibration analysis

All our agents have free access to RiskMach for the purposes of providing their services and resulting reports. Once delivered to you, these reports are covered by your existing RiskMach licence arrangement.


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