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Near-miss reporting is a crucial step in the risk management process. Investigating where your control measures have failed and taking actions to correct them is the key to effective risk management. RiskMach offers a digital tool where your employees can log near-miss incidents, so you can be immediately notified, investigate the problem and take actions to rectify the issue.

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Encouraging Modern-Age Near-Miss Reporting

Near misses are not as severe as an accident as no one gets hurt but reporting and investigating such incidents is extremely important to avoid accidents in the future. They show you that you may have missed a risk or that the measures you currently have in place are not as effective as you may have thought. Properly capturing and reviewing these gives you the opportunity to make changes, saving money, time and even lives.

Workers, however, are often not motivated to report a near-miss incident – it's additional paperwork that no one wants to have to deal with and since there have been no injuries it may not feel like it's worth it. In some workplaces it might even be considered a reason for ridicule. This is where RiskMach comes in.

By offering a quick and easy way to report near misses with the option for anonymity using an app or the online form you significantly reduce the admin burden of reporting and reduce the barriers that may put workers off from reporting the issues. By taking action and logging your response on the system, you show that each near-miss report matters and is taken seriously.

By implementing the powerful RiskMach functionality in your near-miss reporting process you promote a positive health and safety culture and that has the potential to be integrated into a coherent risk management platform that is constantly developing to meet your needs.

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Capture Incidents & Near Misses

Near-miss reporting doesn't have to be a tedious admin task that requires workers to take time out of their busy day to write down seemingly minor incidents in a physical book. Accessible via any device, at any time, the RiskMach app makes it easy to record near misses and accidents as soon as they happen.

Gain control with full visibility

You can't control workplace risks if you don't know that they exist. This is why as soon as a near miss is reported in the RiskMach App, the relevant people within the organisation will be notified immediately. Having full visibility of potential hazards & failed measures allows you to take immediate action before it's too late.

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Superior Risk Management

A near-miss incident is a red flag that your risk management may be failing. RiskMach not only allows you to capture the incident but also to log the actions taken to prevent it from happening again. Within the app, you can easily see the controls implemented and verify the success of your incident response to ensure that your risk management is constantly evolving to keep your workers safe.

Improved Near-Miss Reporting

Unlike a physical logbook, the RiskMach App allows for additional supporting information, including photos and annotations, to be added to the near-miss report. This gives you a much clearer picture of the circumstances surrounding the incident. This information is easily added and instantly shared creating a truly modern near-miss reporting process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A near miss is defined as an unexpected occurrence that did not result in injury or illness but could potentially do in the future. These could include a slip, a trip or a close call with a falling object, as long as the incident hasn't resulted in an injury (but could on another occasion).

Implementing an intuitive modern reporting system such as RiskMach, reduces the admin load included in near-miss reporting, making it a much more natural task to complete. Also, it is important that the management of a business show their employees that near-miss reporting matters by taking action and praising their efforts. Responding to near-miss incidents in RiskMach, for example, is clearly visible to everyone involved and can be done instantaneously, proving your commitment to better safety and encouraging near-miss reporting in the future.

Even though a near miss doesn't result in an injury, it could be a symptom of an underlying issue that could pose a real risk in the future. Reporting a near-miss incident allows for an investigation to be launched to uncover hazards that have not been addressed yet or that have not been managed efficiently, and to subsequently take actions to control those risks and avoid an accident in the future.

We have made it as easy as possible to get going. RiskMach will give you the PDF placards that can be printed and located at an unlimited number of locations around your workplace. Any person with access to the placards, a tablet or smartphone and an internet connection can scan the placard and submit their concern for review in a central portal by a manager. If placards are lost or misused they can be cancelled and replaced with new ones at any time.

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