RiskMach Core

Organise and access all your assets

RiskMach Core is designed to help you build a tailor-made framework for all your regulatory compliance activities. Keep track of the places, people and assets in your organisation and map out your compliance activities implementation across the entire business. By linking things and places to QR codes for instant access to relevant information your records will be at your fingertips. 

It’s the key to making sense of all your compliance data.

Free with your RiskMach subscription

Access amazing functionality with Core

RiskMach Core is FREE with every RiskMach subscription as it is an essential part of all your risk management and compliance activities. From QR code functionality and seamless sharing of information to planning and in-depth reporting capabilities, it is a must-have tool in every risk management tech stack. 

Your business structure in one app

Create a database of all sites, buildings, areas, assets within your organisation and never miss a compliance activity ever again.

Access anywhere, any time

With online and offline access capabilities, RiskMach Core is a Cloud-hosted tool that you can access from any device when needed.

Better reporting

Download all reports generated and stored in RiskMach Core with PDF downloads and Excel output available + 100% auditable history log. Create new reports and insights from your records based on filters for sites, buildings, areas and asset structures.

Shared access for everyone

Collaborate easily with your entire team thanks to the unlimited user collaboration functionality of the RiskMach Core platform.

Risk Assessment Matrix

RiskMach Core comes with a comprehensive 5×5 Risk Matrix for setting the percieved risk for palces and items. 

Provide evidence with ease

Communicate more information more easily by adding photos, annotations and files for every individual risk logged on the system.

QR codes for quick find

With the implementation of QR code link between assets and relevant data, getting the right information fast has never been easier.

Microsoft Single Sign On

Single point of access for you and your IT team to manage who has control to your private company data

Organise the chaos of Design Risk Assessment

Thanks to our comprehensive system, the three key parts of the Design Risk Assessment: information gathering, risk analysis and risk evaluation can be organised and kept track of as new information comes to light. 

Facilitate collaboration

RiskMach is a common platform where multiple people with various levels of technical knowledge can contribute to the Design Risk Assessment stage of product self-certification, ensuring that all potential risks have been addressed. 

Build a flawless technical file

Never miss an important document in your technical file! With our easy-to-use platform, everyone involved in the CE process will be able to request and share documents to compile all the information needed to complete the technical file that goes with your UKCA or CE certification. 

Keep records safe for at least 10 years

RiskVault allows you to store safely all the information in your product’s technical file, as well as the Declaration of Conformity for at least a decade. This way you can be sure to have all necessary documentation at hand if the relevant authorities come looking for it. 

Structure your compliance model

RiskMach Core is the perfect tool to detail and record the logical connections between the assets, people and places within your business. It allows you to list all your sites, the various buildings on each site and the areas within them, as well as the machines, processes and people working there, so that you can systematically plan and carry out all necessary compliance activities and organise information, documents and SOPs.

Plan your compliance activities

Multi-compliance purpose planning and scheduling of compliance activities have never been as simple to do as it is with the help of RiskMach Core, thanks to the instant access to data available on our risk management platform both online and offline.

Managed risk solution

Share with unlimited users

Successful regulatory compliance requires the implementation of a positive health and safety culture based on collaboration. This is why all RiskMach Core functionalities can be shared with unlimited users. You can also assign users to tasks within the software and monitor their progress in real time, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Powerful reporting capabilities

RiskMach Core also gives you access to all data regarding your assets, people and places. You can see additional information, such as photos, annotations and files to get better visibility of your business. By linking each asset to a QR code, you can get instant access to the relevant information without having to search for it.

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