PUWER Support Package with Training, Software & Expert Help

From next-generation PUWER software to online tech support and face-to-face training, the PUWER support package will get you off to a flying start and support you towards improved internal understanding and capabilities whilst minimising the administrative burden and shortening the learning curve. This all-in-one simple package combines all the tools and knowledge you need to ensure regulatory compliance when planning, doing and responding to PUWER inspections.

£1650 / year / person

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Our Ultimate PUWER Support Package

Discover the amazing features included in our PUWER Training, Software & Support Package below:

PUWER Compliance Strategy

The support is given in working towards a proven compliance strategy designed by PUWER experts, especially for your business.

Training Workshops

Face-to-face PUWER training workshops for ongoing competence development (from 1 seat/year)

Unlimited System Support

Make the most of your RiskMach PUWER compliance platform with unlimited support.

On-Site PUWER Inspections

Book 2 days a year with a Certified PUWER Assessor (CPATM) on-site.

PUWER Compliance Software

Up to 500 risk assessments / audits actions using RiskMach Compliance included.

Anytime cancellation

Cancel at any time with no tie in

Enhanced Reporting

Keep track of all your risk management activities with unlimited users & data on ReportHub.

Remote Support

16 hours to use to either:

  • Consult with our PUWER experts online anytime for instant, actionable advice, or

  • Time from a Certified PUWER Assessor (CPATM) on-site doing inspections of your machines

Spread the cost

After the first year, you can choose to spread the cost to quarterly payments keeping you in control.

Powered with RiskMach ReportHub

Take control of your risk management activities and enjoy full visibility of your compliance profile with ReportHub – RiskMach’s all-in-one risk reporting platform. Equipped with online and offline functionality, it is a powerful tool with an intuitive interface that makes it quick and easy to use by anyone, regardless of their level of experience with digital software

RiskMach Certification

In ReportHub, you can build and modify an unlimited number of bespoke risk reports, including all the necessary information for every PUWER inspection. Our app integrations allow you to share information with all relevant people in real time and speed up the entire process.

With instant access to new risk updates, notes, images and verification status, RiskMach puts you in control of your PUWER activities without the need to be there in person. You can track everything online from any device, anywhere in the world.

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Flawless PUWER Inspections Record Keeping

From planning to executing each PUWER inspection, RiskMach offers advanced functionality to support your team through the entire procedure. Our systematic approach to inspection and risk assessment makes the process easy to follow and reduces the chances of human error.

Seamless Collaboration

RiskMach is a collaborative platform that can be accessed by all team members at any time for any location and any device. All activities logged on the system are visible immediately and every relevant person is notified in real time to enable seamless information sharing across your organisation.

Remote System Support

Master RiskMach ReportHub with the help of our experts. We offer extensive training on the app, as well as unlimited system support over the phone or using Microsoft Teams. Whether you are a new RiskMach user or you simply want to hone your skills, we are here to help.

Secure & Accessible Reporting

Store all your PUWER inspection reports on a powerful Amazon-hosted platform equipped with advanced cybersecurity and automatic backups to keep your compliance data safe. Thanks to our smart digital storage, you can enjoy quick and easy access to all your risk management documentation and leave paper-based reporting behind.

Sustainable PUWER Compliance

As part of our PUWER package, we will design a bespoke PUWER Compliance Strategy tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you need a PUWER inspection for individual machinery or for several machines in a production line, we will adapt our approach to create a sustainable and efficient compliance procedure that can be deployed easily within your organisation.

PIPP process

Our team of experienced, Certified PUWER Assessors (CPA™) will look to link the people within your business with the roles within the procedure to establish a clear, easy-to-follow process. Implementing this strategy helps you demonstrate compliance with the HaSaWA and PUWER Regulations.

PUWER inspections will be accompanied by detailed reports on ReportHub. Those, along with all your compliance documentation, will be securely stored on the RiskMach platform making it available as needed and required by the PUWER regulations.

PUWER Workshops (1 Seat/Year)

To ensure the successful implementation of your PUWER compliance strategy, we work with certified PUWER Assessors (CPA™) to deliver Machine Safety Workshops where you and your team can develop your PUWER knowledge and improve your technical skills. The conversational format of machine safety workshops gives you the opportunity to ask questions and challenge to maximise engagement and improve learning outcomes, especially for those learners who are more practical and need to use real life examples whilst learning.

The PUWER Support Package gives you 1 seat per year for free. Need additional PUWER training? Check out our PUWER Training & Software package – it can be booked on its own or in combination with the PUWER Support package.

Unlimited Technical Support

Often a short conversation with an expert is all that is needed. With unlimited remote technical support on everything RiskMach, you can be assured of quick response times and no bottlenecks. You can speak to our team about all aspects of the software’s capabilities to ensure that you make the most of its functionality and achieve PUWER compliance.

2 Days With Our Experts Per Year

Last but not least, the PUWER support package* can be adapted to offer you the exact type of support you need with two full working days (16 hours) a year to spend on one of the below:

Onsite support during PUWER inspections from our team

Choose two days during the year when a PUWER Assessor (CPA™ ) will attend your site to do PIPP and PUWER inspections for you. You can observe them as they apply the RiskMach software in the context of your business.

16 Hours of Remote Expert Support

If you think your team would benefit more from having instant access to expert support on PUWER compliance, then you can opt for 16 hours of remote consultations with our PUWER specialists spread throughout the year. You have the flexibility to book those whenever you need them.

We will encourage you to progress your own PUWER inspection but if you would like us to help you with more onsite inspections, you will be given the opportunity to book further inspections at an additional cost of £100 per item.

*Fair use rules apply to this package. If you exceed the standard limit of 15 users and 5 projects your subscription will be reviewed unless a different limit has been set in your original subscription agreement

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