PUWER Inspection Software

RiskMach is perfect to plan and implement a successful PUWER strategy. This is a requirement for most manufacturing companies and others that use potentially dangerous work equipment. With a reliable PUWER Software, your Compliance Risk Assessments are now easy to carry out.

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PUWER Planning


We provide all the featured you need in RiskMach compliance to support your strategy on PUWER inspection. The RiskMach platform will make sure you have no gaps in your records so that each piece of work equipment has an inspection record and any defects are logged with appropriate actions prioritised by risk. Your response to the issues will be paperless with almost zero admin and regular updates on reports will serve as a guide to progress over time. Our online app allows you to check your PUWER strategy from one place, anytime and anywhere.

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PUWER Inspection


The purpose of a PUWER inspection is to ensure that the work equipment (in this case industrial machinery) is safe to operate and maintain. Recording your PUWER inspections is a legal requirement. RiskMach provides all the features you need to meet your legal duties but wrapped in a package that reduces the administrative burden to a minimum. There is a requirement for most PUWER inspections to be repeated and we provide more features to facilitate this too with minimum effort and maximum quality. With the PUWER Risk Assessment Template at hand, you have the full flexibility to keep your work equipment and team safe and updated.

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Powerful PUWER Compliance Functionality

PUWER Inspections Scheduled

Plan your PUWER compliance activities in advance and get notified when PUWER inspections are due to stay on top of risk management

Bespoke Checklist

Customise your PUWER inspection checklists and assessment templates to suit the needs of you business

Classify Hazards With Ease

Benefit from a configurable hazard classification using a visual Risk Matrix 5x5 or the Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) Method.

Real-Time Image Annotation

Take photos through the app, annotate with comments to risks in real time

Instant Updates

Get updates on new risks, control measures and evidence as they get added for better collaboration and visibility in your team

Go Paperless

Reduce the time spent on admin and minimise the human error factor with interactive, digital PUWER inspection reports

Online & Offline Capabilities

Benefit from a configurable hazard classification using a visual Risk Matrix 5x5 or the Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) Method.

QR Scanning Functionality

Access PUWER compliance information about individual machines by simply scanning a QR code

Defect Risk Assessment

Using RiskMach for recognising defects across your business gives you a fast and standard format to communicate risk and actions across your business.

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  • Document Control

  • PDF Output

  • Branded

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Respond to Risk


We know that a good defect risk assessment is a call to action. You must acknowledge each defect risk and remedy it at source or define safe ways to work with that defect in the meantime. We provide a PUWER phone app scanner with a quick scan of QR codes so the whole team can get involved in responding to these issues and all in a coherent and paperless way. The manager keeps oversight without two-stage closeout where a second person must review the response giving approval or rejection with comments. Without a strong response to your defect risk assessments, your business and your workers are at increased risk.

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PUWER Inspection App


RiskMach has all the features and tools you need to implement a compliant approach to solving the PUWER problem in your workplace. Proven, efficient and multi faceted , our PUWER Management App is second to none.

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Work With Risk


Where you can't immediately remedy risk at source by correcting the defect then the only way forward is to take the item out of use, or, recognise and control the risk in some other way. This invariably means you are relying on Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) and behaviours to an extent that is more than normal. In this scenario, it is even more important to ensure your work activity risk assessments are up to scratch. We provide to do this seamlessly by integrating the module of Managed Risk into ReportHub.

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