UKCA and CE Certification Vault

Compile and store safely the perfect UKCA and CE Technical File

The RiskMach Certification Vault is a secure Cloud-based storage space designed to keep a complete Technical File of all your UKCA and CE certification documentation for at least 10 years (as required by the Machinery Directive). With unlimited storage and advanced Cyber protection compliant with the international ISO 27001 standard for information security management, this is a powerful digital solution that helps you prove your product’s regulatory compliance to the relevant authorities.

Need an authorised representative? If you are supplying, manufacturing or selling machines for the first time use in the EU or UK then you will need the name and address of the person authorised to compile the technical file, who must be established in an EEA state, to be included on the declaration of conformity.

Our CE and UKCA certification specialists can hold the Technical File for you in the RiskMach Vault for either EU or UK certification, ensuring the admin side of your certification process is managed by industry experts.

Secure your UKCA/CE Technical File today.

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Features of The Certification Vault

The Certification Vault is part of the RiskMach Certification module and it plays a key role in your compliance activities. This brilliant feature allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your UKCA/CE Technical File is structured correctly, contains all the necessary documentation and is stored securely so it can be presented to the authorities upon request.

Reliable Cloud Hosting

Store your Technical File offsite, on the Cloud, to protect your data from loss, damage or theft

Unlimited Storage

The RiskMach Certification Vault offers unlimited storage space for no additional cost

ISO 27001 Secure

We ensure the data in your Technical File is protected to the highest international standards

Access UK and EU Markets

Gain access to major markets with UKCA/CE Technical File storage in the UK or Europe

Shared Access

Both you and the person you've named to hold the Technical File will share access to the Vault

Instant Notifications

Get full visibility of your UKCA/CE Technical File with instant notifications for any changes made

Proof of Compliance

You can access your Technical File immediately if requested by the relevant authorities

Guaranteed Storage for 10 Years

Whether you continue to work with RiskMach or not, your file is securely stored for 10 years


Your Authorised Representative

When you use the Vault, RiskMach will act, with a written agreement, as your authorised representative (AR) in the appropriate market (e.g. UK, EU) ensuring that your certification process complies with the relevant UK and EU directives. Our experts will assist you in all your certification activities so your products can be successfully placed on the market in your target countries.

Futureproof UKCA/CE Technical File

The law requires you to have your UKCA/CE Technical File readily available to present to inspecting authorities for at least a decade. Once you have entered your documentation in the RiskMach Certification Vault, your documentation will be held securely for you for a minimum period of 10 years, even if you are no longer a RiskMach user.

10 years file storage on RiskMach
CE mark

Be in Control of Conformity

With RiskMach, overseeing the entire UKCA/CE certification procedure you are ensuring conformity becomes a more simplified and intuitive task. It&s a powerful tool that allows you to organise all compliance activities, oversee the progress on all tasks and see any changes to the documentation in the Technical File as they happen. Stored digitally, your data is easily accessible, structured logically and completely secure.

Facilitate Collaborative Working

RiskMach supports collaboration between multiple parties (supplier, manufacturer, integrator and client) to ensure all restrictions, requirements and characteristics are addressed during the conformity assessment procedure. The ability to share your expertise during the risk analysis and evaluation of your product is an important step to demonstrating 'due diligence'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UKCA/CE Technical File is a package of documents that are necessary to prove that your product conforms to the relevant legal requirements for placing products on the UK or EU markets.

You can use the RiskMach certification module to complete the CE and UKCA self-certification procedure for all products that require this type of certification, from toys to heavy machinery. Certain products may require the involvement of a notified body (NoBo). Your NoBo can be shared access to the project to collaborate remotely.

An authorised representative (AR) is a person who you (the manufacturer) have given the legal right to represent you in matters relating to UKCA or CE conformity activities.

Yes, you are required to compile a Technical File as part of the UKCA/CE certification procedure. This file is to be stored for at least 10 years from the date of certification.

The Technical File should include the following documents:

  • General description of the product
  • Technical diagrams and drawings of the product
  • Descriptions of the drawings/diagrams if needed
  • Use manuals and installation instructions
  • Information about regulatory standards followed
  • Risk assessment reports including your Design Risk Assessment with verification and validation of design intent as built
  • Methods used to verify and establish regulatory compliance
  • Declaration of Conformity

There are no specific requirements regarding the structure or format of the Technical File as long as it contains all required information. RiskMach allows you to monitor whether all the relevant documentation has been included.

We suggest that you use English as the primary language in your certification documentation as it's widely accepted across Europe but any official community language is acceptable.

You need only show the technical file to the relevant authorities who have the power to enforce the regulatory directives but any person or client can request to view the UKCA/CE Technical File of your product. In the case of the latter this is usually contractually agreed during procurement.

Yes, you can access and export the technical file from the RiskMach Vault at any time. This allows you to keep a physical copy of the document in a safe place, if you wish to do so.