Risk Assessment and Risk Management Solutions

Best-in-class risk assessment and risk management software for all hazard data

Master Workplace Risk Management

Be in control of risk management in your business. Identify, analyse and manage risks in a collaborative cloud-based workspace that allows you to perform, organise and manage all 5 steps of risk assessment.

Streamline the risk management process

Identify, categorise and assess hazards, pin them to places, things and people’s work activities and create controls for each risk.

Managed risk solution

Simplify Risk Categorisation

Categorise and evaluate hazards in an intuitive way with a digital risk assessment matrix and easy-to-use risk type classification. Get detailed, at-a-glance information about all created hazards in your workplace.

Access powerful real-time data

Access all amazing features of our risk management software through our handy app wherever you are and monitor all new risk data and documentation in real time as it gets uploaded to the cloud.

Digitalise record keeping

Forget fiddling with paper documentation. Save all relevant risk management information in as much detail as you like via the app. Our risk management tool even has in-app photo capabilities that allow you to take pictures associated with each risk and each control.

Intelligent risk management

Use risk management software to increase your hazard awareness. With our agile dashboard, you can see risks as they are flagged, monitor the implementation and viability of all risk controls and take further action when needed.

Fulfil the PDCA cycle

Monitor and evaluate all processes and activities in line with the relevant health and safety requirements. Combine that with the powerful reporting within RiskMach’s REPORT HUB and you have the Plan-Do-Check Act (PDCA) cycle complete.

Organise the chaos of Design Risk Assessment

Thanks to our comprehensive system, the three key parts of the Design Risk Assessment: information gathering, risk analysis and risk evaluation can be organised and kept track of as new information comes to light. 

Facilitate collaboration

RiskMach is a common platform where multiple people with various levels of technical knowledge can contribute to the Design Risk Assessment stage of product self-certification, ensuring that all potential risks have been addressed. 

Build a flawless technical file

Never miss an important document in your technical file! With our easy-to-use platform, everyone involved in the CE process will be able to request and share documents to compile all the information needed to complete the technical file that goes with your UKCA or CE certification. 

Keep records safe for at least 10 years

RiskVault allows you to store safely all the information in your product’s technical file, as well as the Declaration of Conformity for at least a decade. This way you can be sure to have all necessary documentation at hand if the relevant authorities come looking for it. 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Customisable risk assessment

Add, categorise and evaluate specific hazards

Real-time reporting

Verify and manage risks as they happen

In-app camera

Take risk-associated photos directly via the app

Digital risk assessment matrix

Turn risk evaluation into an easy, visual experience


Multi-user platform accessible everywhere

Paperless data

All risk data saved securely on the cloud

Intuitive Experience

An easy-to-use dashboard anyone can work with

Legal compliance

COSHH, DSEAR and MSDS sheets supported

ISO 45001

Meet the ISO 45001 requirements & comply with international OH&S standards

Microsoft Single Sign On

Manage access control to your business data from one central point

ISO 45001 Compliance with MANAGED RISK

As the first and only International Standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S) management, ISO 45001 is a globally-recognised benchmark for safety management that every reputable business should strive to adhere to. With more than 2.7 million work-related deaths and over 340 million cases of workplace injuries registered annually worldwide, ensuring that your employees, visitors and clients are safe at the workplace is more important than ever. Here’s how RiskMach can support you on your ISO 45001 journey to compliance!  


MANAGED RISK is a handy tool for recognising and managing workplace risks outside of statutory inspections. It ensures that your OH&S management system successfully passes the ISO 45001 requirements by helping you design and implement effective processes for identifying hazards, assessing workplace risks and implementing adequate controls to limit those risks. 


With the capability to log, organise and access all potential hazards in a multi-user, cloud-based platform MANAGED RISK is an effective solution for identifying and taking advantage of OH&S opportunities, as well as for improving the performance of your OH&S management system. 


By combining the streamlined risk assessment and risk management process using MANAGED RISK with the powerful reporting functionality of REPORT HUB, the integration of an ISO 45001 system is easier than ever.

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