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We provide a wide range of solutions to support businesses with their risk management decisions. Our Quality Management Software products have been developed with your business’ success in mind. From ensuring you will stay compliant with the industry standards, having access to instant insights and reports to building a culture of quality, we have the answer.


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You can access, assign, respond, review and approve defect risk assessments identified by compliance activities in your business such as PUWER inspections. It is only by managing the response to defects risk assessments that any value is added to your business by compliance activities.

Use email reminders to keep people engaged and let us track the responses for you paperlessly.

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  • Browse defect risk assessments

  • Search and filter by risk and hazard

  • Use photos and files as evidence

  • App supported

  • Share access with others

  • QR codes to find records easily

  • Get statistics and charts

  • Assign defect risks to other users to respond

"Using ReportHub protects your records so you never lose track of progress as people and IT systems change."

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You can do an audit/inspection and log your findings as defect risk assessments but it doesn't end there. The compliance module comes with powerful tools for improving efficiency and managing change of your compliance records like checklists. All your defect risk assessments are fed into ReportHub so you can respond easily with the benefits that ReportHub gives you. Better still you can organise your compliance records around Core sites, buildings, areas and assets.

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  • QR codes to find records easily

  • Organise records around places and assets.

  • Get statistics and charts

  • Plan what compliance activities and when for each asset

  • Share access with others

  • Powerful App Integration for online working

  • Do inspections. audits and defect risk assessments

  • Manage checklists

"Using compliance has removed all the compliance activities. Doing the inspection takes minutes instead of hours."

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Managed Risk


The basics of safety are to identify hazards and controls in your workplace. Amongst other things you should recognise existing controls and those that are yet to be implemented. Managed Risk gives you a fast and compliant way to do this. But why stop there. Using Managed Risk you get all the benefits of revision control and auditing your workplace at set intervals. You also have the option of sharing your managed risks with the workforce with all the benefits this can bring to a safety culture.

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  • Identify hazards and controls

  • Estimate risk before and after

  • Use images and files

  • Pin managed risks to any record in Core (places, things, substances and articles)

  • Verify controls in place with photos

  • Get statistics and charts

  • Verify controls and set intervals to repeat

  • Automatically create defects when controls are not verifed

"Managed risk has streamlined our risk assessment procedure. We are saving time and getting a better quality output."

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If you are providing a professional compliance service to your client then this is the only option you need. Get all the benefits of using RiskMach and then share it with your client. You will always have a record of what you delivered but your client will get a copy to work within their account. Your client can simply download the PDF records but in addition, your clients will get free and full access to their records for 3 months giving them time to respond with evidence for you to review.

  • Compliance and Managed Risk Module

  • Online and online editing

  • Powerful tools for fast and efficient report writing

  • Fast Re-inspection

  • Managed archive of projects for record keeping

  • Photos and annotations

  • Unlimited use

  • Free remote support

Powerful PUWER Compliance Functionality

PUWER Inspections Scheduled

Plan your PUWER compliance activities in advance and get notified when PUWER inspections are due to stay on top of risk management

Bespoke Checklist

Customise your PUWER inspection checklists and assessment templates to suit the needs of you business

Classify Hazards With Ease

Benefit from a configurable hazard classification using a visual Risk Matrix 5x5 or the Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) Method.

Real-Time Image Annotation

Take photos through the app, annotate with comments to risks in real time

Instant Updates

Get updates on new risks, control measures and evidence as they get added for better collaboration and visibility in your team

Go Paperless

Reduce the time spent on admin and minimise the human error factor with interactive, digital PUWER inspection reports

Online & Offline Capabilities

Benefit from a configurable hazard classification using a visual Risk Matrix 5x5 or the Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) Method.

QR Scanning Functionality

Access PUWER compliance information about individual machines by simply scanning a QR code

What is a Quality Management Software (QMS software) anyway?

QMS software is a workflow-based platform that allows users to monitor and develop reports based on insights collected. Quality assurance is at the top of our priorities and we make that happen through the use of a wide range of features such as document control, audit and assessment management, risk-tracking, reporting, and many others.

Benefits of adopting the right Quality Management Software

Have Access Wherever You Are

Regardless of where you are, you can access our quality management software products with a single touch. With an easy-to-use interface, you have full control over your data. Easily share information with the rest of your team members and keep track of your risk assessment.

Remaining compliant

Ensuring compliance with the industry’s requirements is a crucial step in ensuring your business can function optimally. Our platforms allow you to remain legally compliant and avoid any penalties.

Build a Cultured Focused on Improvement

Develop a sense of accountability and keep track of your tasks. This way, everyone has access to the right data and reports which in turn facilitates efficient decision-making allowing you to drive planning and improve the status-quo of your business.

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