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Put your best foot forward with pioneering compliance software

RiskMach Compliance is a new specially designed application which can support the assessor in the planning and completion of their inspection and managing the resulting risk assessments. With its clean design and easy to use functions, RiskMach Compliance makes your assessments faster and your assessor’s time more effective.

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Customisable Templates & Assessments

Eliminate the need for paperwork

Security from our AWS (Amazon Web Services) server

Multi-user platform

Collaborative interface, User & permissions management

Visual risk assessments

Training & specialist workshops

Follow-up management

Specialised modules

Method statement module, Accident prevention, Audit module

Real-time safety data

Multiple hazard libraries

Technical Support and Training

We are able to offer training for this Machine Risk Assessment Software, how to get the most from it, what you need to know to be able to make RiskMach work for you...

Alongside the inbuilt guidance text and videos throughout the application, there is also the option to attend specialist workshops to better learn how to get the most out of the software. There is always expert advice and support at your fingertips, our knowledgeable team are here if you need them, you can trust that anything that requires our assistance within the application will be actioned.

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Some Amazing Features


The first purpose built platform for managing compliance inspections, risk assessments and all resulting documentation in a single location.


Inspections and assessments can be accessed by whoever you like allowing for powerful collaborative working methods. No more printing of reports.

On Demand

RiskMach can be accessed on any web browser. Get the information that you need, when you need it. No more waiting around for paperwork. You can use your mobile or your tablet to access your Risk Assessments online and offline.

Why use our Risk Assessment & Compliance App?

  • Your auditors will love it, especially if you choose to combine it with the power offered by RiskMach

  • Collaboration between many people is easy and fast

  • It is used and endorsed by the machine safety experts whose livelihood depends on the performance of this tool

  • Excellent value for money, with constant updates and new features

  • You can take control of your statutory inspection register for our compliance app

  • It is faster and more secure, than the alternative. Move on from pen and paper

  • Never lose anything again. The audit history is transparent and no matter where you end up, you will know where you came from

  • Excellent value for money

  • It is a compliant and consistent format for recording compliance inspections and risk assessments

  • Quality Checks are inbuilt. There is no need for complex administrational systems and processes

  • Scalable across many sites. Accessible to many users

  • UK built and supported

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So, your data is in the app, now what?

With the filtration tool, you are able to segregate information to those who need it, you can see what you need to, and show others just what you want them to see, no more, no less. The permissions you assigned to the users allows them just the access that you requested and that they need.Once the report is completed and published, there is the option to download a PDF copy, you are not restricted to keeping it digital, if you wish, and you are able to then print a physical copy from your Machine Risk Assessment Software.

Our Risk Assessment App Features

Computer hardware

Cloud-Based Machine Risk Assessment Software

Benefit from having all of your data and files saved to the Cloud. This way, you ensure everything is securely stored and you have access to it anytime you want.

If you have a document which you already use, and you would like to integrate it, ask! Our fully configurable application allows you to keep using the things you know and love. If there’s a checklist that you use and find that it works well for you ask us to add it in for you. We want you to be able to get the most out of this Machine Risk Assessment Software, and to make it work for you.

RiskPUWER software can be updated at anytime, anywhere, without the need for a network connection. With our Machine Risk Assessment Software, once you’re connected to a network, sync back to RiskMach to input findings, this allows for greater flexibility to your working and increased consistency with the data included in reports, and heightened security from our AWS (Amazon Web Services) server. With the ability to delegate access and visibility to just those who need it, you can be assured of greater security than physical paperwork or a folder on a shelf when using this Machine Risk Assessment Software. No more lost paperwork or risk of data theft.

Data needs to be secure, you know that and so do we. That's why with AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting, your information is safe and secure, and is only visible to those who you wish to have access. No chance of someone walking off with the paperwork or it accidentally being destroyed, you can trust this Machine Risk Assessment Software to keep your valuable data safe and secure.

An added bonus, RiskMach and RiskPUWER Software reduces your physical paperwork, and thus helps in making your company more environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint.

With our software, you can keep track of everything your Risk Assessment uncovers, as well as any changes and action points. Share it with the rest of your team and centralise your data in one single place. Increase the visibility of your risk assessment reports by combining everyone's expertise.

Thanks to the way in which this Machine Risk Assessment Software has been designed, you are able to have a much higher accountability rate, allowing for less chances for inconsistency, and increased responsibility from users.

With instant access, your RA reports will ensure your company stays compliant with all of the industry's regulations. Our software comes with a series of features developed in order to simplify your job. As a risk assessment software, we have also incorporated modules that allows you to manage your assets, projects and your reports, machinery and plant RA, health & safety as well as incident management software.

Multi-User - Delegated Access and Increased Control

Folders and paperwork can easily be misplaced or damaged, and chasing one copy of the report around the office doesn't help anyone to get things done quickly.

Computer hardware

With a multi-user platform you can give access to the reports just to who needs them and allow those who need to, to be able to edit or just view. Without the need to have a physical copy of your PUWER reports, you have massively increased your working flexibility and security too.

With a multi-user server your PUWER assessors are able to input data simultaneously to the Machine Risk Assessment Software, getting the job done in a more effective, faster way.

With our Risk Assessment Software, you can now allocate tasks to your team members, keep a clear log of the progress and ensure everyone knows exactly what they are doing. This way, your risk assessments will be performed on time, allowing you to never miss one ever again.

In using the application, the information becomes much more secure, you can see the productivity of your staff, and be assured that the right people are seeing the right things.

Computer hardware

Collaborative Web-Based PUWER Software

Your entire team can access all the PUWER Assessments while being able to contribute to them. Delegate users permissions and control and benefit from a better management of your risk assessments.

RiskMach and RiskPUWER allow you to group workers into virtual teams, delegate access within the team, as well as different permissions to the individuals therein. Once data is published within the Machine Risk Assessment Software, it is immediately visible to you, and those who you choose to share it with, but you still control how they can interact with the reports.

Including the ability to allow photographs to be added directly to the report within the app, you can see the actual piece of machinery without the need to worry about whether the SD card in the camera has corrupted and refuses access to your files once you try to upload them to the Machine Risk Assessment Software.

The information within the reports is now consistent, the details added by the PUWER assessor are up to date, and the report is being updated in real-time.

RiskMach and the RiskPUWER software allow you to delegate different access to users, depending on their needs. All data alteration is traceable and trackable, meaning that you can be confident that there is now an increased accountability from all those who are using the PUWER software.

With an inbuilt functionality to allow you to create and manage your own asset register, you have full control over the assets within your sites, and the assessor's inspections and findings. Add assets, take them out of use, or move them, not a problem! This Machine Risk Assessment Software puts you in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a risk assessment?

Businesses are legally required to perform a risk assessment in their workplace, regardless of their size. A risk assessment is at the core of a health & safety management procedure that ensures the workplace is compliant with any industry regulations. During a risk assessment, all activities and workplace aspects are scanned in order to identify any risks for either your staff or your customers. A written record of a risk assessment should always be kept in your documents as well.

Why do I need a Risk Assessment App?

Going through a risk assessment procedure can be a complex and lengthy task for many companies. If you are looking to streamline and automate the process and eliminate the possibility of human error, an app is a great option that allows you to save time and money. The app allows users to create bespoke risk assessments based on individual business needs. This way, the reports can be shared with any employee allowing different departments to analyse the KPIs that matter, and take further decisions based on results & statistics. This will ensure your workforce functions in a safe environment where the right control measures have been implemented.

Why is Risk Assessment important in Health and Safety?

Risks assessments are essential in not only protecting your customers and workforce from potential incidents but it also ensures your business operates in a compliant and safe way. The way risk can be minimised is by assessing the steps that can lead to a potential incident and correcting them accordingly. With a Risk Assessment tool in place, you can save considerable amounts of expense caused by compensation claims or other insurance premiums. Considering the number of measures that are being instated every year, your company needs to take the right measures in ensuring the business stays compliant with all of the health and safety regulations.

What are the struggles of a regular Risk Assessment?

One of the main struggles of a Risk Assessment is keeping track of all the data that you have collected – records, forms. This can get very messy and if you losing or misplacing records it can have a negative impact. It is also hard to get everyone to contribute in a clear way as well as keeping track of what is happening at your staff level. Responsibilities and tasks can be lost and you end up with having a blurred strategy and no accountability.

RiskPUWER is available online. Get it here.