RiskMach for PUWER inspectors

RiskMach is the perfect tool for training and supporting safety professionals who do PUWER inspection and as such it has been chosen by leading machine safety training experts Spiers Engineering Safety as the software supporting their CPA qualification course. Why is this important?

Because the Level 3 – Certified PUWER Assessor CPA™ Qualification in PUWER Inspection is the UK’s very first Ofqual-approved professional qualification course for PUWER safety inspectors.

Paper stacked on a desk

"Super chuffed to receive my CPA certificate – I am now a certified PUWER Assessor! Thanks Warren Spiers, Mike Armstrong and Steve Crangle for your excellent training!"

"We needed a tool that was fast, accurate and reliable for doing PUWER inspections in exam conditions. We are audited by the awarding body regulated by Ofqual and they expect that we have a strong grasp of the records from each learner. RiskMach was the only option available that gave us the speed, reliability and documentation management integrated in to one place. If we didn’t use RiskMach for doing the inspections during our training and exams the paperwork burden would be huge."

Supporting this professional PUWER qualification awarded by FDQ and the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), RiskMach PUWER has earned its place as the market-leading compliance and risk management software in the UK.

Powerful PUWER Inspections Tool

With a set of handy features to support you in the planning, execution and reporting of all your PUWER inspections, it is no wonder why RiskMach was the compliance chosen by Spiers to successfully obtain and maintain the records behind the CPA qualification regulated by Ofqual. Explore some of RiskMach's main benefits below.

Regulatory Compliance

By using RiskMach Compliance to conduct your PUWER inspection, you ensure that your legal duties, as outlined by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 98), have been completed successfully.

Zero Admin

RiskMach facilitates paperless recording and transfer of all risk-related data, allowing for a smooth, zero-admin completion of the PUWER inspection, saving you time and protecting your data integrity.

Perfect PUWER Strategy

Fault-proof your PUWER planning with flawless records for each piece of work equipment you own, as all as its inspection record and any defects and actions logged.

Standard Risk Assessment Format

Use RiskMach's PUWER Risk Assessment Template to log, analyse and prioritise all risks and defects, as well as the controls implemented with live updates available.

Two-Stage Response Closeout

Back your risk response up with relevant evidence and use QR code scanning to share notes easily before a response is approved/rejected by two responsible people for better results.

Risk Management Capabilities

When risks cannot be remedied at the source, follow up on your PUWER inspection with RiskMach’s smart risk management module - Managed Risk.

Who is this CPA Qualification for?

Before software came along to help streamline the process, we were largely dependent on paper filing to get the job done. You would have to have a folder on the shelf called asset number 1. All the risks associated to asset number one would be in that folder on that shelf. And when asset number one was moved from area A to area B, you would have to pick up the folder from shelf area A and move it to shelf area B. Simple to say but hard to administer.

  • PUWER inspection service providers and consultants

  • Internal PUWER inspectors

  • Maintenance/service engineers

  • Engineering Manager/supervisors

  • Maintenance Managers/supervisors

  • Health and Safety Manager/officer

  • And more

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