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ReportHub Lite

Want to try out ReportHub before committing to a purchase? No problem, you can experience ReportHub Lite, a lighter version of our risk assessment software if you have had any work done by one of our RiskMach agents.

The light version of ReportHub gives you access to report sharing with one administrator and a PDF download, this package is useful for those that want a taste of the RiskMach experience. Not suitable for large companies.

The ReportHub Lite license package is free with any work carried out for you by a RiskMach Agent...

Sharing of reports

1 Report Administrator

1 PDF Download

Advanced Report Filtering

Risk Groups

Guest Shares

Report Permissions

Multiple Report Administrators

PDF Generation and Download

Closeout Groups

Unlimited Report Shares

ReportHub Active

This is the shared workspace where risk assessments can be viewed, tracked, monitored, audited, actioned, evidenced and closed out. It is the engine that drives communication with your team and their input to the process.

We understand that good document control has change management built in so we built a full asset management function in to RiskMach. If you move your machines, you can move ALL the associated records too, at the touch of a button. Change made easy.


PUWER requires that records are kept of the last PUWER inspection carried out. This includes the results of that inspection that are normally communicated in the form of a machine risk assessment requiring that action be taken in order to reduce the risk associated to a non-compliance to an acceptable level or to remove it completely.

RiskPUWER is the first dedicated web based software to support you in gathering the right information, writing the report and tracking the actions.

PUWER Inspections

Inspection Checklists

Permission Management

Risk Assessment Support

Survey Completion

Collaborative Reporting

RiskMach Expand

Increase your tokens for data storage and transactions with an expansion, upgrade your experience!

Risk Groups

Increase your tokens for data storage and transactions with an expansion, upgrade your experience!

RiskMach Data

All RiskMach users receive generous data token allowance in with the module license that will more than satisfy the data appetite of a small or medium sized business. So you probably will never need any additional data.