What we do

We provide a highly powerful service through the cloud, helping you connect your information to anyone you chose fit, at any point in the world. You will never need to worry about file storage again, all data we hold is kept on our secure platform. The only people who see your information, are those whom you chose.

A good risk assessment is a call to action.

No more messing around, your supplier can complete repairs and upload relevant evidence to support it, as soon as it is actioned. The second they complete it, is the second you can view it, anywhere in the world.

Is RiskMach the answer you want? It's the answer you need!

Our mission is to keep the forever evolving machine safety industry moving forward in the right direction. With RiskMach, we have already begun to provide the tools necessary to keep yourself up to date and organised. We have entered an age in technology where everything is trying to be a seamless and effective as possible, as after all, time is money. With RiskMach, it is time for you to step with us into the future of cloud based file management.

So how does it work?

A typical machinery risk assessment often required multiple people, with RiskMach you can have multiple users allowing each to provide evidence as and when actions are taken. RiskMach can even include references to your existing maintenance management system, making it even easier to switch to our service.
In the modern era of manufacturing, you may not have the resources or in-house skill to complete this work, forcing you to seek skills from outside your own means.

Why RiskMach is the future

Soon, printing pages upon pages of documents will be outdated. The world is already slowly turning towards being as green as possible, especially within business environments. You shouldn't be limiting the inspection reports handed to you to stacks of paper, paper can be misplaced and damaged, susceptible to human error. RiskMach however, is not. Fed up of wasting time searching for one piece of documentation amongst others of its kind? RiskMach has your back. If you are an efficient company, there is a much higher chance you will be a profitable one.

RiskMach has been designed to eliminate any and all issues that are paired with paper based Risk Assessment systems. Say goodbye to wasted storage space or unnecessary administration overheads, say hello to a sleeker, more efficient version of your business thanks to RiskMach.
Advanced filtration of data? No problem. Managing your reports anywhere in the world? We got you. Sharing data amongst those only you have chosen? Easy. Need help reducing your carbon footprint? Can do. Don't want to install software on all of your computers and devices? There is no need. Get the app, get the RiskMach!