ReportHub Active

ReportHub Active is the most powerful risk management platform we have ever produced and benefits from constant support and updates to improve its functionality even further. Here you can access all your reports in real time for instant visibility of actions that are outstanding, those recently completed and even those that are overdue.

If you work in a large team or a multi site company with many contributors then the teams and permissions management allows you split out the responsibilities for risk assessments making sure that you are never caught unaware by a risk assessment that slipped through the cracks again.

A key part of safety culture is communication and transparency. What is the point in having a top quality risk assessment if nobody can see it?! ReportHub allows you share access to team members so everyone can access what is relevant to them and not be blinded by information that is not relevant.

  • Multiple Report Administrators Allow multiple administrators to manage your company reports. This speeds up the reporting process and allows for collaborative working.
  • PDF Generation and Download Sophisticated sharing tools allow for PDF document generation and download allowing you to print your reports in an instance.
  • Unlimited Report Shares Report administrators can share reports with as many people as they like and set their permissions to control how they interact with them.

ReportHub Active is available online. Get it here.

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