Take your organisations inspections, audits and risk assessments to the level with RiskMach Commercial

Why Pick our App?

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One Place that is Everywhere

  • Centralise your audits, inspections and risk assessments
  • Allow many users to work on the same records
  • Use the inbuilt change records to track activity

Plan and Schedule your Compliance Activities

  • Asset management
  • Schedule inspections
  • Use the intervals to trigger the next inspection
  • Log asset changes such as location, name and whether in use

Manage Multiple Users and Permissions

  • Add and remove users
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Set up roles, teams and permissions
  • Create teams within your account

Collect Evidence that Action has been Completed/Carried out

  • Use the two-stage closing of a risk to supervise the process
  • Restrict those that can close and approve risk assessments
  • Share with contractors and guests to reduce admin
  • Use the closeout app to make the closeout even easier (coming soon)

Get bespoke reports

  • Run bespoke reports to break the task down
  • Get graphs, charts and statistics on your risk profile to support risk-based decision making

Managing Your Risk Assessments Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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